Providing Solutions 'Softly' to the World with Rubber


Providing Flexible Rubber Solutions to the World 

We don't use a product catalog.
Our made-to-order products are specially designed and produced to meet your needs.
Our unique ideas and technologies provide solutions that support people all over the world.

Kokoku Intech:Our Philosophy

At Kokoku Intech, we value independence, being unburdened by corporate conglomerate affiliations. The freedom to pursue novel solutions allows each and every member of our team to contribute to the development of a company with a rich and unique personality.

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Kokoku Stands Alone

Your challenges deserve modern solutions. At Kokoku, we strive to remain on the cutting edge of materials and manufacturing methods. Our research engineers are constantly on the lookout for new techniques to add to their toolbox.

Company Profile
Company Profile

Our Mission

We develop, manufacture, and provide high-performance rubber components to customers across a wide variety of industries.

Social Activities / Foundations

Collaborative Efforts

We provide funding to academic research through the Eno Science Foundation, Japan's first rubber-focused polymer research institution.



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