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Energy Sectors

Energy Sectors

Contributing in the transition to a clean energy society

Now more than ever, it's imperative that we take decisive actions toward transitioning to clean, sustainable energy.

Advancements in hydrogen production processes, storage, and distribution technologies have led to increasingly complex technical challenges. Kokoku Intech aims to help solve these problems.

Widespread adoption of hydrogen as a viable alternative to other energy sources presents considerable hurdles. The high cost of production, as well as complications with storage, are significant barriers to creating the requisite infrastructure.

But hydrogen technology shows remarkable promise, and Kokoku's engineers are already paving the way in providing innovative solutions for the next generation of energy storage devices.

Our Products

  • Seals for capacitors
  • Seals and hoses for cooling systems
  • Plugs and safety valves for rechargeable batteries
  • Seals for mobile fuel cell batteries
  • Seals and diaphragms for gas equipment


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