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Mobility Sectors

Automotive Sectors

Mobility is changing, and so are we

Automotive parts need to be reliable. Our commitment to producing high quality components is widely recognized by automakers and suppliers worldwide.

Global efforts to protect the environment have led automotive manufacturers to step up development of fuel cell vehicles and hybrid or battery-driven powertrains in order to comply with stricter environmental and emission regulations.

We're staying ahead of the curve by actively developing materials and supplying components that adhere to these regulations, including EV battery parts and seals for fuel cell stacks.

ICE Vehicles Gaskets for head covers, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, injectors, oil filters, and water pumps, and others
Diaphragms for variable intakes, canisters, OPS, PCV, ASV, and fuel cut valves, and others
Hoses for fuelling, purge control, vacuum sensing valves, blow-by valves, oil, LLC, air, and breathers, and others
Hybrid Vehicles Pressure relief valves and plugs for rechargeable batteries, electric water pump seals, shut off valves for gasoline tanks, and others
Fuel Cell Vehicles Fuel cell stack seals, humidifier seals, hoses, and others
Diesel Vehicles Full-floating head cover system, intercooler hoses, vibration dampening covers, complex injection pump diaphragms, and others


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