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Medical Sectors

Medical Sectors

It takes many years and patience to develop medical components.

It's critical for rubber components that directly affect medical care to possess high thresholds for safety and reliability.

Take the rubber plug located at the end of a transparent IV bag. While the plug needs to be soft enough for a needle to penetrate it, it also needs to be able to seal around the needle and prevent leakage. On top of that, the rubber compound itself needs to meet the exacting standards of the relevant medical regulatory bodies.

Rubber used in medical applications is not only difficult to develop but also destined for disposal, so it needs to be cost-effective to mass produce. Kokoku Intech has the knowledge and technique to satisfy all these conditions, and is highly trusted by suppliers in the field of medicine.

Our Products

  • Blood test components (needle covers, collection tube caps, and others)
  • Transfusion components (infusion bag plugs, connecting tubes, mixing stoppers, and others)
  • Components for catheters, disposable syringes, dialysis machines, and others
A few examples of Kokoku's rubber components and medical devices that rely on them.


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