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Corporate Social Responsibilities


As a company, we're committed to ensuring our products are contributing to the betterment of society.

Society's priorities are shifting towards safety, eco-friendly practices, and energy reduction. At Kokoku Intech, we're taking a multifaceted approach to do our part. 

During the design process, we carefully consider the real-life application and impact of our products. For example, components slated for use in hospitals consist of rubber compounds which prevent transmission of infectious diseases. Similarly, the rubber seals we create for use in rechargeable batteries are designed to ensure no leakage of the potentially harmful electrolyte fluid. 

In order to maintain a proactive stance, our finger is always on the pulse of upcoming regulatory changes. As soon as we heard about the upcoming EU RoHS policy, we didn't wait for it to come into effect before altering our manufacturing processes. Instead, we took immediate action and ensured that our product designs aligned with the needs of society. 


We're also doing our part to support the development of low- and zero-emission engines and powertrains in vehicles. Through production of purpose-built components strictly adhering to CARB, EPA, and EU regulations, Kokoku Intech promotes the reduction of greenhouse gases to protect the planet. 

Our production environments also reflect our commitment to society's needs. We've implemented measures to remove VOC from manufacturing, improve energy efficiency, and reduce waste emissions. We also adopt eco-friendly policies of our customers to promote green supply chain management.

Society's needs will continue to change, and so will we. Through refinement of our R&D methods, manufacturing processes, and company policy, we'll continue to support a wide range of industries by supplying precision components that contribute to the betterment of society. 

Kokoku Intech also provides grants for academic research through its support of the Eno Science Foundation. The first institution in Japan to support academic research into polymer chemistry, the Eno Science Foundation contributes not only to academia but also the development of practical knowledge to benefit future generations. 

Supporting Public Interests

Japan's first academic institution focusing on polymer chemistry, the Eno Science Foundation supports researchers and professionals engaged in rubber-based fields through grant-based research.



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