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Company Profile

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Shinichiro Eno
Shinichiro Eno

Guided by the voice of our customers.
Our obsession with technology grows stronger & stronger.

Since our foundation, based on the spirit of independence, we have refused to get caught up in the latest fads. Instead, we have stubbornly pursued original technology and the implementation thereof. The needs of society are sometimes hard to find, so we have been listening directly to the voices of our customers, which lays the foundation for our R&D endeavors. Our R&D activity must continue to be focused on components with challenging technical aspects and high added value.

I believe one of the best ways to continue meeting customer expectations and needs is by having a clearly defined technical development path and having our feet planted firmly on the ground.

If living is to make continuous improvements, the fact that one can continue to improve oneself through work is a wonderful thing indeed. I believe our company becomes stronger when each individual employee has a personal sense of fulfillment derived from the contributions to society realized from our developed product. This ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction.

We will continue to move forward one step at a time.

Company Overview


Utilizing a flexible business approach born from our independence, we'll continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with rubber.

Company Name: Kokoku Intech Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: PMO Hanzomon, 2-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan
Phone & Fax: +813 3230 4661, +813 3261 0176
Website URL: https://www.kokoku-intech.com/
President: Shinichiro Eno
Founded: 1924 (as Takino Rubber Industries)
Establishment: February 12, 1944
Capital: 315 million yen
Annual Revenue: 21.2 billion yen (as of Sep. 2023)
Number of Employees: Consolidated: 2,223 (as of Sep. 2023)
Average Age: 43.6 (in Japan as of Sep. 2023)
Business Activities: Precision rubber component development, manufacturing, and sales for mobility, energy, medical, machinery, IT, and other industries
Facilities: Kokoku Intech Headquarters/Sales Office
Osaka Sales Office
Nagoya Sales Office
Fukuoka Sales Office
Kakegawa Sales Office
Kokoku Rubber Technologies (R&D Center)
Kambara Factory / Fuji Factory
Ohama Factory
Utsunomiya Factory
Akabane Factory
Distribution Center
Los Angeles Sales Office
ASEAN Office (Bangkok)
New Delhi Branch
Chicago Sales Office (Kokoku Rubber Inc.) [KRI]
Bangkok Sales Office (Thai Kokoku Rubber Co., Ltd.) [TKR]
Jakarta Sales Office (PT. Jakarta Kokoku Intech) [JKI]
Kentucky Factory (KRI)
Ayutthaya Factory Campus 1 & 2 (TKR)
Nong Khae Factory (TKR)
Shanghai Factory (Kokoku (Shanghai) Precision Rubber Co., Ltd.) [KSP]
Neemrana Factory (Kokoku Intech India Pvt. Ltd.) [KII]
Salaya R&D Center (Kokoku Innovative Technology Ltd.) [KITy]
Rungruang Medical Component Co., Ltd. [RMC]
Subsidiaries: Shizuoka Rubber Co., Ltd.
Tochigi Rubber Co., Ltd.
Banks: SMBC, Resona, and MUFG



Kokoku Intech Co., Ltd.
PMO Hanzomon, 2-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan
Phone: +813-3230-4660


Via Hanzomon Station (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line): Use Exit #6. The PMO Hanzomon building is directly connected to the station.

Via Kojimachi Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line): Use Exit #1. The PMO Hanzomon building is approximately a 5-minute walk.



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